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Supertraining is our offering that bridges the gap between an athlete’s personal flow in sport and making the world a better place.

Project Supertraining Foundation contributes funds raised from sporting events and race winnings to vetted charities and non-governmental organizations. We support world health, human rights, and environmental protection.

Likened to a gran fondo without the $250 registration fee

Supertraining is a supported day of training offering athletes coffee & Vafels in the morning, nutrition and hydration on the road and lunch to follow at Flatirons Subaru. There are multiple rides available for a range of abilities.

We ask you to partner with us, whether you’re a pro or an amateur

– and contribute to world issues as you get lost on new routes, explore our National Parks, or bury yourself in a grueling workout.

All roads - all rides - lead to Flatirons Subaru

All rides begin and end at Flatirons Subaru, Boulder's Best Subaru Dealership - 5995 Arapahoe Ave. Boulder, CO 80303

Current Calendar

There With Care

Flatirons Subaru. Sun Jun 30th 8:30am - 3pm

8:30am Coffee & Vafels at Flatirons Subaru

9:00am 10000 Depart & 6000 Depart

9:05am 3000 Depart




Lunch and beverages for all to follow at Flatirons Subaru

Please follow @projectsupertraining on Instagram in case we need to make some last minute changes due to inclement weather.

Out Boulder County

Flatirons Subaru. Sun Jul 28th 8:30am - 3pm

More info coming soon!

Love Your Brain

Flatirons Subaru. Sun Aug 25th 8:30am - 3pm

More info coming soon!

LA Bicycle Association

Flatirons Subaru. Sun Sept 20th 8:30am - 3pm

More info coming soon!

Ride for Racial Justice

Flatirons Subaru. Sun Oct 27th 9:30am - 3pm

More info coming soon!

People for Bikes

Flatirons Subaru. Nov 24th 9:30am - 3pm

More info coming soon!