What is Supertraining?


Dedicated to benevolence in sport.

Likened to a gran fondo without the $250 registration fee, Supertraining is a supported day of training offering athletes coffee & Vafels in the morning, nutrition and hydration on the road and lunch to follow at Flatirons Subaru. There are multiple rides available for a range of abilities. "Hypersport" group routes are 4+ hours averaging ~20mph. "Supersport" routes are more steady, ~3hrs in length and average ~18mph. The "Rallyesport" route will be ~2-2.5hrs and at a spirited pace with more occasional stops to regroup. Special thanks to Thank Gravel It’s Friday for collaborating on our gravel rides this year! In 2022, Supertraining rides were able to donate over $30,000 for local and national causes.

Where did Supertraining come from?

"Supertraining" is a term coined by a handful of collegiate cyclists at the University of Vermont, deep in pre-season training. Base training in the Northeast meant untold hours outdoors, fighting viciously cold elements, or torturous time spent on the rollers.

We defined our especially epic days as “Supertraining:” 5 hours at 20+mph average including two gap climbs, and the like. Supertraining made us physically strong and mentally tough – it brought our group of riders several national championships and a few pro contracts upon graduation.

Now matured, our understanding of life has broadened. For all the personal suffering we endured on 5 Continental Tours, it was an almost wholly insular pursuit, juxtaposed by the issues of the locales in which we raced. Personal goals are fantastic, and we enjoy the cycle of focus on the next season, the next race – but the idea of our Supertraining as something more began to develop.
Supertraining is our offering that bridges the gap between an athlete’s personal flow in sport and making the world a better place. Excellence in sport requires an often revered monastic dedication to a lifestyle that is self-focused: your nutrition, recovery, and performance. We want to harness the good and enviable qualities of that pursuit, and make it work for more than just our next podium or Strava KOM.

Dedicated to promoting benevolence in sport, Project Supertraining Foundation contributes funds raised from sporting events and race winnings to vetted charities and non-governmental organizations. We support world health, human rights, and environmental protection.

Athletes that partner with Project Supertraining are unique in that they have pledged to focus on both global issues and their personal goals.

We ask you to partner with us, whether you’re a pro or an amateur – and contribute to world issues as you get lost on new routes, explore our National Parks, or bury yourself in a grueling workout.

Where do we meet?

Flatirons Subaru
5995 Arapahoe Ave
Boulder, CO 80303

What if it is snowing or raining?

If the weather makes it unsafe or impossible to ride, we'll try moving the Supertraining date back by 1 week. We are working in partnership in Subaru, which means Sundays are optimal for group events. Join our mailing list and follow @eatvafels on Instagram to stay up-to-date on ride details. We will do our best to make the judgment call the night before the ride.

Is there a run?

Runners are welcome to join Supertraining events but there's no official run right now. Flatirons Subaru is right on the bike path system making it easy to link up miles on foot, however. Come for coffee / Vafels / lunch & beverages!